The Graduate School of Geo-environmental Science, consists of two graduate courses, Environment Systems and Geographical Space Systems, located in the Rissho University Kumagaya Campus. The purpose of this Graduate School is to pursue multi- and interdisciplinary research on environmental problems occurring on the Earth at various time and spatial scales, and to train not only scholars in specialized academic fields but also professionals whose expertise will enable to make a great contribution to the practical solution of a variety of environmental issues. The curriculum is designed to offer advanced programs of study leading to Master’s and Doctoral degrees in wide areas of environmental geosphere-biosphere sciences, atmosphere sciences, hydrosphere sciences, information sciences, and geographical sciences.

Degrees Granted

Graduate Course in Environment Systems
Master’s program: Master of Science
Doctoral Program: Ph.D
Graduate Course in Geographical Space Systems
Master’s Program: Master of Geography
Doctoral Program: Ph.D

Admission information for Foreign Students

Entrance Examination

The entrance examination for both Master’s and Doctoral Programs for the year 2019, will be held on Sunday, July 22, 2018 and Saturday, February 9, 2019 in the Rissho University Kumagaya Campus. Foreign student applicants for both Master’s and Doctoral Programs are required to take written examinations on Japanese language and selected special subjects, and an interview examination on his or her own study program.

A foreign student admitted to be a graduate student (a candidate for a Master’s or Doctoral degree) is expected to work towards his or her degree in one of the research groups listed below under the supervision of a professor appointed by the school committee.

General Requirements for Admission

Applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent for the Master’s programs and a Master’s degree or its equivalent for Doctoral Programs by April 1, 2019, respectively.

Application Period

July 5-12, 2018 and January 15-26,2019
*Applicants not residing in Japan can be applied before this duration.
A person applying for admission as a Graduate Student must submit the following documents and application charge to:
Admission Office: Rissho University Osaki 4-2-16, Shinagawa-ku, 141-8602, Tokyo

Documents Required

( 1 ) Application for Matriculaton as a Graduate Student (Application Form of Rissho University)
( 2 ) Certificate of Health (Application Form of Rissho University)
( 3 ) Recommendation from the President, the Dean, the Chairman, or major professor (advisor) of the university or college attended
( 4 ) Study Program(about 500 words in English or about 1200 words in Japanese)
( 5 ) Transcript of Degree or Graduation Certificate issued by the university or college attended
( 6 ) Transcript of Scholastic Record issued by the university or college attended
( 7 ) Two passport size photos
( 8 ) Personal History
( 9 ) Academic Career (Application Form of Rissho University)
(10) Certificate of Alien Registration (applies only to applicants residing in Japan)
(11) Certificate of Guarantee (Application Form of Rissho University)
(12) Entrance Examination Certificate for Foreign Student (applies only to applicants not residing in Japan)

Application Charge


Contact for lnquiries

Admission Unit

Admission Unit, Graduate School of Geo-environmental Science
1700 Magechi, Kumagaya-shi,Saitama 360-0194, Japan
TEL: +81-48-539-1630 FAX: +81-48-539-1632