Environment Systems

Laboratory Faculty Research Area
Geosphere Sciences
Environmental Petrology Laboratory Yoshinobu Kawano (Ph.D) Professor Global history of tectonic changes, Granite formation theory using isotopes
Geomorphology and Geological Environment Laboratory Toshiyuki Kitazawa (Doctor of Science) Associate Professor Formation process of landforms, Stratum and sediment movement in rivers and shallow water
Environmental Chronology Laboratory Yorinao Shitaoka (Doctor of Literature) Associate Professor Dating of surface environmental change using luminescence (TL/OSL) method
Atmospheric Sciences
Physical Climatology Laboratory Kooiti Masuda (Doctor of Science) Professor Meteorology and climatology, Energy and water cycles in atmosphere and hydrosphere, Climate change and its impacts on human society
Atmospheric Physics Laboratory Yasushi Watarai (Doctor of Science) Professor Numerical simulations of local weather, Global and synoptic weather
Atmospheric Modeling Laboratory Asuka Suzuki-Parker (Ph. D) Lecturer Regional climate simulation, Meteorology/climate and health, Tropical cyclone climate change
Hydrosphere Sciences
Environmental Groundwater Hydrology Laboratory Tadashi Kono (Doctor of Geography) Professor Changes in groundwater environment with human activity
Water and Material Circulation Research Laboratory Masaya Yasuhara (Doctor of Science) Professor Research on river water and groundwater movement using water quality and environmental isotopes as a tracer, Deep-seated groundwater and its interaction with shallow groundwater bodies
Hydrology and Environmental Science Laboratory Seongwon Lee (Doctor of Science) Associate Professor Behavior and purification of nitrate nitrogen contained in groundwater
Biosphere Sciences
Environmental Ecology Laboratory Nozomu Iwasaki (Doctor of Agriculture) Professor Research on the ecology and habitat of plankton and benthos
Biosphere Environmental History Laboratory Chuh Yonebayashi (Doctor of Science) Professor Reconstruction of spatial distribution of plant communities in the past plant paleoecology
Forest Ecology Laboratory Kazuki Suda (Doctor of Science) Professor Response of Japanese forest ecosystems to the keystone species Sika deer (spotted deer)
Biodiversity and Evolutionary Ecology Laboratory Kazuki Sekine (Doctor of Science) Assistant Professor Evolutionary significance of the parthenogenesis of mayflies
Environmental Management Informatics Laboratory Shintaro Goto (Doctor of Engineering) Professor Analysis of environmental problems using Geographic Information System (GIS) and remote sensing
Environmental Data Processing Platform Laboratory Norihiko Yoshida (Doctor of Engineering) Professor Sensing + IoT, Distributed AI, Next Generation Internet
Biological Systems Informatics Laboratory Kazunari Yokoyama (Doctor of Agriculture) Specially-Appointed Professor Diversity analysis of soil microbial information, Ecosystem stability and sustainability assessment
Environmental Information Processing Laboratory Kazuaki Aoki (Doctor of Information Science) Lecturer Application of pattern recognition technology to the environment
Environmental Information Networking Laboratory Noriko Matsumoto (Doctor of Engineering) Assistant Professor Networking, Programming, Intelligent Agents

Geographical Space Systems

Laboratory Faculty Research Area
Applied Urban Geography Laboratory Tetsuya Ito (Doctor of Science) Professor Urban policy on regional transformation in Europe
Historical Geography Laboratory Osamu Okamura (Doctor of Literature) Professor City-Village Relations
Comparative Urban Geography Laboratory Tsutomu Katayanagi (Doctor of Geography) Professor Utilization of local resources in town planning
Hydro-geographical Laboratory Yosuke Komatsu (Doctor of Science) Professor Hydrological geomorphological research in mountainous areas
Natural and Environmental Geography Laboratory Hiroshi Shimazu (Doctor of Science) Professor Topographical study of mountains and mountain rivers
Geospatial Representation Laboratory Atsushi Suzuki (Doctor of Literature) Professor Visualization of spatial data by Geographic Information Systems
Cultural Geography Laboratory Kiyomi Yamashita (Doctor of Science) Professor Research on immigration and ethnic towns
English-speaking World and International Development Laboratory Emi Kainuma (Doctor of Science) Professor Changes in spatial structure associated with Asian economic growth
Water and Environmental Information Map Laboratory Midori Hara (Doctor of Geography) Associate Professor Relationship between local water environment, towns and people
Industrial Geography and Geographic Education Laboratory Kozo Fukase(Doctor of Philosophy)Specially-Appointed Associate Professor Research on the continuing strategy of production areas in agriculture and industry
Transportation Geography Laboratory Jun-ichi Yamada (Doctor of Geography) Lecturer Relationship between port transformations and local societies
Fishery Area Laboratory Takafumi Yokoyama (Doctor of Science) Specially-Appointed Lecturer Research on fishing grounds use and resource management in fishing villages
River and Beach Environment Laboratory Takako Utsukawa (Doctor of Science) Assistant Professor Production process and topography of sand stalk particles in rivers and beaches
Urban and Cultural Geography Laboratory Yeonkyung Kim (Doctor of Science) Assistant Professor Research on the formation of ethnic towns and “Multicultural Coexistence”