Government-sponsored Foreign Students (Research Student)
Including those who have passed examinations administered by a Japanese embassy, international students who have passed the entrance examination for our Graduate School or who are already enrolled at a university can be recruited via university recommendation.
Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately-Financed International Students
Privately funded foreign exchange students enrolled in Japanese universities (including graduate school) who’s residential status is "留学 (study abroad)" can apply.

Support for Academic Expenses

Financial Assistance for Journal Publications
We provide some financial assistance towards the cost of research paper submissions to accredited journals for students who are undergoing or have completed their Doctoral or Master’s program. Publication must be accepted within 3 years of graduation in order to be eligible.
Financial Assistance for Conference Presentations and Transportation Expenses
We subsidize transportation expenses associated with academic presentations for graduate students who are enrolled in our Doctoral or Master’s programs.
Graduate Student Research Space
We provide a special room for current graduate students to utilize for research related activities, computer access, laboratory equipment, as well as GIS environments.
Research Funding Assistance Program
We also provide financial assistance for expenses related to the purchase of books, journal papers, and research-related expendables.