What you will study

The Degree Program in Geographical Space Systems is an interdisciplinary program of humanities and natural sciences. The Program has the following four research groups:
•Human Geography
•Physical Geography
•Geography Education
•Geographic Information Science

The faculty in Human Geography research group offers lecture groups, exercises and field surveys that focus on the theory of distribution, formation and structure of urban areas, suburban areas, farming areas and industrial areas. Through researches in these areas, we provide suggestions for promotion strategies for local communities.

The faculty in Physical Geography research group offers lecture groups, exercises and field surveys that focus on various topics including topography, hydrology and climate, in order to capture various phases of local environment.

The faculty in Geography Education and Geographic Information Science research groups primarily offers lectures, exercises and field surveys aimed at the acquisition of applied and practical skills. The faculty introduces Geography Information System (GIS) to be applied on geography environment education, geography environment recognition and development, and map/geography information education. Our goals are to advance the theory and practice of environmental education research.

In addition to the Degree Program specific requirements, all students enrolled in the Graduate School are required to take the Comprehensive Lecture Series. In this lecture series, students explore a variety of research topics that each of our faculty members specialize in. Each year we invite prominent researchers from outside the university who specialize in research areas that differ to the regular faculty members to give special lectures on Geography that serve to widen students’ research prospective in the field of Geography.

On a final note, students interested in education can complete their requirements at the Master’s level and are eligible to receive teaching certification for teaching social sciences in middle schools, and/or teaching geography/history in high schools (“Senshu Menkyo”). Students interested in research, however, will advance on to the Doctoral program.

Degrees Granted

Doctoral Program Doctor of Geography
Master’s Program Master of Geography