Treating the environment as a system,
our aim is to build experts who protect the environment.

The educational goal of our Graduate School is to train “moralists and experts” in the field of Geo-Environmental Science to serve as human resources towards the building of a sustainable and better future. If you have a passion for global and regional environmental issues or are interested in the field of Geo-Environmental Science and have the general knowledge necessary to continue your studies at the graduate level, we look forward to your application. Upon your acceptance, in addition to the university-wide scholarships, you will be eligible to receive academic support unique to the graduate school, such as financial support for journal publications, transportation expenses related to academic presentations, as well as research funding. A relatively new field of study, Geo-Environmental Science is a rapidly developing discipline with exciting and diverse areas of research. As a result, students accepted to our graduate school will not only be able to focus on the specialized fields within each major area of research, but also have the opportunity to discover new areas of research that incorporate peripheral fields as well.

The academic approach to coping with environmental problems is a comprehensive process which initially involves the recognition of the environment itself as a steady-state open system. Under this premise, we are able to uncover the reproducible cause and effect relationship through in-depth analysis and discussion. This approach is none other than the point of view and methodology adopted by both of our graduate degree programs, Environment Systems and Geographical Space Systems. At heart of our programs is field surveys.

If you are accepted into one of these programs, you will learn about and employ the above approach in the formulation of a unique research topic of your choice. Under the guidance of a thesis advisor, you will embark on a challenging, yet rewarding journey into the world of academic research that will culminate in the completion of dissertation thesis. If you are eager to tackle the environmental issues we currently face, or want to understand more about our environment from a global perspective, we highly encourage you to apply to the Graduate School of Geo-Environmental Science at Rissho University.

Graduate School of Geo-environmental Science ChairOsamu OKAMURA