Master’s Program

  1. Admission
  2. Coursework
  3. Dissertation: topic selection and composition
  4. Dissertation: midterm presentation (May/October)
  5. Completion of dissertation Presentation at final briefing session
  6. Master’s thesis examination
  7. Master’s degree awarded

Doctoral Program

  1. Admissions
  2. Research guidance
  3. Dissertation: midterm presentation (May/October)
  4. Presentation at national/international academic conferences Publication in national/international journals
  5. Submission of doctoral dissertation Oral examination/public hearing
  6. Doctoral dissertation examination
  7. Doctoral degree awarded

It is possible to enroll in our Master’s program with a term of completion that exceeds 2 years. Likewise, it is possible to enroll in our Doctoral program with a term of completion exceeding 3 years. Please let us know if either of these situations applies to you before submitting your application.